Ищем зрителей - футбольных фанатов.


Для предстоящих матчей Чемпионата Мира по футболу 2018 студия VRT ищет футбольных фанатов.
Зарегистрироваться можно, отправив заявку на  2018@sporza.be

The Belgian television station VRT is broadcasting all the games of the tournament. Therefore we are looking for people to cheer for their country during the recordings in our cozy outdoor studio.

It would be nice if fans could truly represent their country. We’re thinking of typical clothing (no branding!), flags and some make-up in the colors of their country. Of course everyone can bring along his family and friends.

Speaking Dutch is not required, but it would be easier to follow our show.
People who are interested to come and watch the games for free, can send an email to 2018@sporza.be    . Please indicate the date on which they would like to come to our studio.
For Russia they can choose between the following games:

* Thursday 14/6/2018 - 5PM: Russia - Saudi-Arabia
* Tuesday 19/6/2018 - 8PM: Russia - Egypt
* Monday 25/6/2018 – 4PM: Uruguay - Russia

Please don’t forget to mention how many people will attend + a mobile phone number of a contact person. 


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